Rob worked in his family-owned HVAC business in central California for a number of years where he developed a passion for airflow testing and balancing. He co-founded National Comfort Institute with CEO, Dominick Guarino in the early 1990's and leads NCI's technical training and curriculum development team. NCI’s training mission is driven by the fact that the performance of an HVAC system can be effectively measured and diagnosed under live operating conditions in the field.

NCI training enables contractors to measure, rate, diagnose and improve a system's rating or score. This drives the constant evolution of NCI curriculum, training methods and programs and enables contractors to dismiss their competitors as they deliver the best performing HVAC system in the country. Rob's continuing role is to set the direction for the company's training programs, continually improve NCI's measurement methods, forms and procedures, and explore new technologies to help improve the quality, speed and effectiveness of our methods and training technologies.