Al graduated Vocational School in 1976 with a two-year diploma in HVAC. He started servicing and cleaning oil burners, earning the title of "Soot Sucker.""

With a few more years under his belt, he grew into an air conditioning and heating service tech, also gaining refrigeration experience. Al found his place in sales and eventually became sales manager for a small family-owned HVAC Company.

Al found his new calling in life as a trainer. He began by teaching building science 1996-1998 teaching contractors and homeowners how to make homes more energy efficient using tools like blower doors and duct blasters.

He became certified by the National Comfort Institute in air balancing in February 1998 and started a commercial & residential air balancing/air diagnostic company. In 1999, he received an offer he couldn’t refuse from National Comfort Institute to become an NCI instructor. Al has taught well over 500 classes for NCI and has a host of "air head" contractor/technician fans across the country helping them solve problems they never knew existed.
Fun Facts:
Al enjoys working out the old-fashioned way ... walk 3-5 miles a day along with 250-500 pushups.

He loves cooking and making amazing artisan bread and Neapolitan pizzas. He coined his pizza the "Frozapolitan" as he continues to freeze and ship pizzas to friends and family alike!