Jayme Carden started working in the construction industry in the 1980's. Since that time, he has worked in all phases of construction from small residential remodels to large scale development projects.

Jayme became involved with HVAC testing and diagnostics in the early 1990’s. The local utility companies were offering incentives to contractors, developers and 3rd party verifiers that were willing to build beyond the current energy codes and prove performance through diagnostic testing. This process was the onramp to the California Energy Commission creating the Title 24 energy codes and the "HERS" compliance process.

In 2001 Jayme teamed up with Industry Legend, Scott Johnson and created Maximum Performance Housing, Inc. This company is still Jayme’s main thrust today. "MPH Inc" works primarily with HVAC contractors as a 3rd party verifier for Title 24 compliance and light commercial air balancing.

Beyond working in the field, Jayme has been working with IHACI (Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries) as both an in-class trainer and a curriculum developer for many years.

Having been trained and certified in virtually every NCI discipline, Jayme is excited about his role as a trainer with National Comfort Institute.

Fun Fact:
Of course, spending time with the kids (Hailey & Tanner) is a huge priority. Jayme also likes to spend time in the outdoors. Camping and fishing with the family are some of his favorite activities. When the sun sets, the activities change a bit. Jayme have been playing guitar in rock bands for over 30 years now. He considers himself a successful musician because he gets free beer!