David joined NCI in 2011. He tells the story that he was contacted to interview for NCI by Dominick Guarino via a Facebook message. Initially his job was to focus on training contractors how to implement the performance-based processes into their business. Today he is still very active in doing that, but is also responsible for content development for a number of the classes NCI develops and teaches as well as the content for the company's in-person training events.

David is also an NCI business coach - where he brings his expertise and knowledge in house for contractors who are looking for guidance on how to implement High-Performance into their business.

He has a storied HVAC career including starting his own company, H2 Solutions, which he ultimately sold, starting a coaching and training business called Ultimate Service Systems, and eventually joined a flat-rate pricing company. When that firm relocated to New York, David decided not to move with them and eventually found his way into the NCI family.

Fun Fact:
David will tell you that he loves technology of all kinds. His personal toy box is full of gadgets like smartphones, a crazy collection of cameras from Nikon, Sony and GoPro, and various computers of all shapes and sizes.