Mitch started in the HVAC industry in 1976, when he was 15, working for his dad's new company, Bailey's Air Conditioning. After graduating high school, he became full time working up from helper to journeyman, service technician to manager, and eventually purchased the company from his father in 1991.

For the last 15 years Mitch's company has concentrated on service and residential add on replacement. His company optimizes HVAC performance along with envelope upgrades to provide cost effective energy saving solutions along with improved home comfort.

Mitch's goal is to perform a load calculation on every job, measure in the existing system, make corrections to ducts, the homes envelope, and equipment upgrades, and finally measure out each system to assure that the system is not only working but performing. Mitch, is a BPI building analyst professional certified, has 8 NATE certifications, CSLB licensed B-General contractor, C-20 HVAC, and C-36 Plumbing. He currently serves on the IHACI Board of directors and is on the ASHRAE 221 Standard committee.

Mitch believes that static is the proverbial "Canary in the Coal Mine" for our industry, and we as technicians and contractors need to pay more attention to it. As he is commonly quoted in his classes, "You can't put 4 tons of cooling on 3 tons of duct work, the same as you can't fit 10 pounds of potatoes in a 5-pound sack."