I began working in the PHVAC industry in 1983 primarily in residential, new construction as an installation mechanic. I eventually moved into the add on/replacement segment as well as service work. It was during this time period that I took my first Jim Davis combustion course, a course that changed the way I viewed combustion appliances forever. This is also when I developed a passion for hydronic heating systems, steam, hot water and radiant. From 2002 to 2007, I was self-employed, most of my work being in custom homes, designing and installing PHVAC systems, specializing in radiant heating. In 2007 I went to work for a pump manufacturer as their national trainer and spent the next 8 years doing technical presentations to engineers, contractors and facilities personnel. A strong emphasis was placed on the potential energy savings that could be realized using circulators equipped with ECM technology. After leaving the pump company, I went to work for an American boiler manufacturer, again working with contractors and engineers doing both training and field assistance.

Fun Fact:
I am an avid outdoorsman, have been since I was old enough to cast a lure or carry a BB gun. I'll fish for anything, but I am especially fond of fly fishing for trout. I enjoy bow hunting as much as I enjoy hunting with a gun.