Airflow Testing & Diagnostics

Airflow Testing & Diagnostics

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Want to add $2,000 to $3,000 to every residential installation at incredible 60 to 70% gross profit margins?

Get in on the ground floor and offer HVAC Performance Solutions that work with NCI’s simple Air Upgrade approach!

Intended for HVAC contracting firm owners, managers, and technicians, this class provides technical training on performing static pressure testing, how to properly install static pressure test ports, and how to measure and interpret static pressures.

Learn how to:

  • Identify Fan Type and Fan Speed
  • Locate Fan Tables and Plot Fan Airflow
  • Diagnose and Perform Air Upgrades on HVAC equipment and duct systems
  • And much more...

The training also qualifies for recertification in one of the following NCI Residential Air-side Certifications:

  • Residential System Performance
  • Duct System Optimization
  • Residential Air Balancing.

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Who should attend?

Owners, Senior Managers, Sales Consultants, Service Technicians, Installation Mechanics

Airflow Testing & Diagnostics Program Overview

  • The Air Upgrade Approach
  • Introduction to Static Pressure
  • Measure and Interpret Static Pressure
  • Fundamentals of Fan Airflow
  • Plotting Fan Airflow
  • Completing an Air Upgrade


Airflow Testing & Diagnostics Program Pricing

Nonmember Price: $395
Member Price: $375

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