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From owners to office staff to field techs and everyone inbetween, the NCI Online University has something for everyone in your HVAC company - at all learning levels.

These courses are created by the team here at NCI and are focused on helping your organization succeed and grow, at your pace. If you're just starting out, or have been in business for decades, there's training that you will find helpful on your path to performance.

The NCI Online University focuses on several areas of training:

  1. NCI-specific training on testing and measuring HVAC systems with an emphasis on performance-based results
  2. Exclusive NCI training including business management, soft skills, customer service, dispatching, finance and accounting, installation, service management and much more!

Some Benefits of NCI's Online University Training:

  • Training is available any day, any time, 24/7
  • Reinforces in-person training, and can help prepare for in-person training
  • Enables you to train all of your employees - affordably
  • Gets your entire staff on the same page
  • Saves travel expenses
  • Supports your Performance-Based Contracting™ culture
  • Training is available for all levels – from fundamentals to advanced courses

NCI Members: you receive a discount on virtually all of the training in our entire online campus (add on the Learning Excellence Premium or Learning Excellence Online package to your membership to get unlimited access for your entire team!).

The NCI Online University is also available for non-members to access. Online training is convenient and affordable for all that enroll. The university is split into three categories (always available via the left-hand menu):



Advanced Technical Training

These advanced HVAC technical courses are exclusive to NCI and can not be found anywhere else. As a purchase, all courses are available 24/7 for 30 days from when the payment is processed for the student that purchased the training. Courses include a certificate of completion that can be printed or saved upon passing or finishing the course and go into your account for easy access. You can attend the course as many times as you like during the 30 days. You can start and stop the course at any time. Returning to the course, you will be asked you if you want to pick up where you left off. All courses are fully voiced-over by NCI trainers and staff, include knowledge reviews and some include downloads to assist you in your learning experience.

The courses listed below are included for NCI Members who have added the Learning Excellence Online or Premium program to their membership, and all other NCI Members get a 10% Discount! Become a member to start saving for your whole team. Not a member? No problem! Every course is available either for you to take.

Available Advanced HVAC Training:

NCI Fundamentals - 101

Techs - get started here, with NCI Fundamentals 101. These 10 modules will set you up to understand the basics of airflow, fan laws, returns and grilles, filters and more.

More Than Two Hours of Education!

Modules included in NCI Fundamentals - 101:
  • Measuring Static Pressure - External Coil Systems
  • Measuring Static Pressure - Internal Coil Systems
  • Fundamentals of Fan Airflow
  • Plotting Fan Airflow
  • Static Pressure Budgets - External Coil
  • Static Pressure Budgets - Internal Coil
  • Using Fan Laws Bundle
  • Balancing Hood Basics
  • Pulley Adjustment and Belt Sizing
  • Introduction to Carbon Monoxide


NCI Fundamentals - 201

Once you've mastered the basics with 101, step up to NCI Fundamentals 201. These 10 modules will set you up to understand Btu measurement, how to calculate HSPS and CSPS, estimating R-Value, and much more.

More Than Two Hours of Education!

Modules included in NCI Fundamentals - 201:
  • Duct Traverses
  • Grille and Register Traverses
  • Supply Register and Return Grille Basics
  • How To Select Supply Registers
  • How To Select Return Grilles
  • Sizing Filters
  • Estimating R-Value and Calculating Heat Loss or Gain
  • Building Pressure Fundamentals
  • Basic Building Pressure Testing


System Performance Testing

These modules cover the fundamentals of understanding HVAC system performance. Including how to measure it and how to calculate CSPS (Cooling System Performance Score) and HSPS (Heating System Performance Score).

More Than Two Hours of Education!

Modules included in System Performance Testing:
  • Introduction to System Performance
  • System Temperature Measurement Basics
  • Equipment Btu Measurement Fundamentals
  • System Btu Measurement Fundamentals
  • Completing a HeatMaxx™
  • Completing a CoolMaxx™ Report
  • Calculating HSPS™
  • Calculating CSPS™



Business Management Training

Learn about understanding the relationships between the home and HVAC systems and connecting the dots between training, technology, and implementation. Classes cover all aspects of managing a Performance-Based Contracting™ business, tying the technical and non-technical aspects together.

Available Business Management Training:

Business Management Training - 101

These four modules will get you started in understanding such HVAC-business related topics as handling your financials to problem solving to dealing with change.

More Than Four Hours of Education!

Modules included in Business Management Training - 101:
  • Financial Formatting - An Intro to Basic Accounting Principles
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Business Management Basics - The NCI Business Model
  • Managing and Dealing With Change


Business Management Training - 201

These three modules are all focused on one of the most important assets in any company: your team. You'll learn about supervising others, coaching, and finally, delegation.

More Than Three Hours of Education!

Modules included in Business Management Training - 201:
  • The ABC's of Supervising Others
  • Coaching and Mentoring the Team
  • Delegation - The Key to an Empowered Team


Business Management Training - 301

In these four modules you'll learn about advanced business subjects like how to interview properly and hold employees accountable. How to measure the results when you send team members for training and how to manage their performance on the job.

More Than Four Hours of Education!

Modules included in Business Management Training - 301:
  • Hiring for Success - Interviewing Techniques
  • Building Employee Accountability
  • Measuring Training Results
  • Managing Employee Performance


Path to Performance with NCI's 4-D Business Model

This online training series is four modules that will help you accomplish this by introducing and helping you implement a series of common business processes that profitable businesses worldwide use to achieve extraordinary results through ordinary people.

These modules provide your team with instructions, tools and a method to define your unique path to reach sustainable double-digit net profits.

More Than Three Hours of Education!

Modules included in the Path to Performance with NCI's 4-D Business Model:
  • Six Steps to Achieve Your Goals
  • Evaluating Your Business Practices
  • Improve Your Practices through Performance Action Teams
  • Measuring & Tracking Your Performance with Scoreboards


Business Performance - 101

In this 101 course, you'll learn how to properly perform service & maintenance, create a high-performance company culture and understand how to use KPIs.

More Than Three Hours of Education!

Modules included in Business Performance - 101:
  • Managing Business Performance - Performing Service & Maintenance
  • Managing Business Performance - Creating a High Performance Company Culture
  • Managing Business Performance - Understanding How KPIs Fit the NCI Biz Model


Business Performance - 201

In Business Performance 201, you'll learn how to manage the installations, system renovations. Plus, service and maintenance operations in these online modules. Be sure to take 201 after finishing 101!

More Than Two Hours of Education!

Modules included in Business Performance - 201:
  • Managing Business Performance - Performing Installations and System Renovations
  • Managing Business Performance - Service & Maintenance Operations



Customer Service Training

Service is the key to Performance-Based Contracting™. These classes focus on best practices for your customer service team. From actively listening, dispatching, through 10 modules about how to be proactive, these courses will set your team up to serve your customers professionally and leave them with a positive experience!

Available Customer Service Training:

Customer Service Excellence

Take your customer service department to the next level with these online modules. From understanding how to actively listen, to customer service basics and dispatching, to understanding how the difference in generations can impact you workplace, these modules will get you going.

More Than Four Hours of Education!

Modules included in Customer Service Excellence:
  • Active Listening
  • Generational Gaps - The Impact on the Workforce
  • Customer Service II - Dispatching
  • Critical Elements of Customer Service


Proactive Customer Service - 101

Customer Service is at the heart of the HVAC Contractor's business. Proactive customer service simply means being in control of conditions instead of just reacting to them.

In Proactive Customer Service 101 you'll learn about the company structure and your role, understanding personality types, communicating with customers, creating rapport, and understanding customer needs.

More Than Three Hours of Education!

Modules included in Proactive Customer Service - 101:
  • Proactive Customer Service 1 - The Company Structure and Your Role
  • Proactive Customer Service 2 - Proactive Customer Service and Understanding Personality Types
  • Proactive Customer Service 3 - Communicating With Your Customers
  • Proactive Customer Service 4 - Creating Rapport
  • Proactive Customer Service 5 - Understanding Customer Needs


Proactive Customer Service - 201

In Proactive Customer Service 201, you'll learn about getting the customer to the right person, setting up appointments and follow-up, escalating calls, internal customer service, and accountability.

More Than Two Hours of Education!

Modules included in Proactive Customer Service - 201:
  • Proactive Customer Service 6 - Getting the Customer to the Right Person
  • Proactive Customer Service 7 - Setting Appointments and Follow-Up
  • Proactive Customer Service 8 - Call Escalation
  • Proactive Customer Service 9 - Internal Customer Service
  • Proactive Customer Service 10 - Accountability and Key Performance


HVACR for Rookies

Do all of your employees know and understand the basics of working in an HVAC company?

Without a doubt, it is a struggle to bring new people up to speed who don’t have a background in the HVAC industry. It is hard enough to train rookies on the fundamentals of their job responsibilities, much less understand the inner workings of the HVAC Company. This series of short online modules will help the onboarding process and teach rookies the basic fundamentals of HVAC systems, along with how each major department works together to achieve the goals of an HVAC Company. They will learn terms that can easily be understood by employees and customers alike, practiced and used to explain and relate to your services.

More Than Two Hours of Education!

Topics in HVACR for Rookies:
  • The Foundational Structure of an HVAC Company
  • HVAC Basics
  • System Performance
  • Improving System Performance
  • Defining Roles in an HVAC Company
  • Measuring Success in an HVAC Company
  • Communicating with Customers
  • FAQs from Customers


NCiSeries Webinars

NCiSeries webinars feature technical, business, sales, and marketing educational sessions led by NCI's coaches, instructors, and knowledge leaders. NCI Members with the Learning Excellence Online or Premium package have unlimited access to our webinars which are included in their membership. Non-members and other NCI Members may purchase individual webinars from archive. All NCI Members receive a discount on every purchase, including webinars.

Go To The NCiSeries Webinars

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Included in NCI Member Learning Excellence Premium and Learning Excellence Online is unlimited access to the NCiSeries Webinar Archive, a $1,200 value! Contact NCI at 800-633-7058 to become a member and supplement your education with our valuable webinars.

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Completely Updated for 2016 - the NCI Online University and Learning Management System!

Thank you for visiting the new & improved NCI Online University - now with a robust Learning Management System (LMS).  There are many benefits with this upgrade, both for students and managers/owners.

Student Benefits:

  • View & track all of your completed training, both online and in-person
  • View earned certifications (expired, expiring and current)
  • Online & email notifications of expiring certifications
  • Your training & certification records follow you
  • Online training now available a la carte for everyone
  • Online courses are available 24/7, anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Streamlined approval process for online courses
  • Maintain your personal contact information online
  • Set up a personal email address for account recovery

Manager/Owner Benefits:

  • View employee certifications and completed training history
  • Online & email notifications of expiring certifications for the team
  • View entire team’s training status at-a-glance, or drill down by employee
  • Instantly approve or deny online courses for employees
  • Assign online courses for all employees
  • Enroll new employees in online training instantly
  • Register employees for live training