NCI Training Program Overview

Training Programs

NCI offers cutting-edge training programs from both the technical and business, sales and marketing perspectives. Learn from knowledge experts like Jim Davis who has saved countless lives through contractors who have taken our eye-opening Carbon Monoxide Safety & Combustion course. Or find out from our experienced leadership how to lead your team to success, improve your sales approach and develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that keep you and your staff accountable.

In-Person Technical Training

Airflow Testing and Diagnostics

Refrigerant-Side Performance

High-Performance HVAC Design and Redesign

Duct System Optimization

Residential HVAC System Performance

Residential Air Balancing

CO Safety & Combustion

Commercial Air Balancing

Commercial System Performance


Utility Program Training


In-Person Business, Sales & Marketing Training

Airflow Workshop

Performance-Based Selling Bootcamp


NCI Online Training

NCI Online University

NCiSeries Webinars


Additional Information

Onsite Training