Refrigerant-Side Performance
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Refrigerant-Side Performance

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What if everything you thought you knew about diagnosing and solving refrigeration-side performance problems may not be totally correct?

Before you hook up a refrigerant gauge to a condensing unit, do you know for certain it’s the right first step to solving the issue?

By tapping into the refrigerant-side and adjusting the charge before you establish the true causes of the problem, you may not solve it. In many cases, you might make things worse!

There is a better way!

This National Comfort Institute two-day advanced residential certification class provides you with real-world lessons and hands-on training. It’s based on proven techniques on how to best approach refrigeration-side issues.

Learn how to:

  • How to apply a performance-based, systematic approach to refrigeration-side diagnostics
  • Explore new HVAC refrigeration cycle performance-related solutions
  • Identify surgical system repairs to improve performance
  • How to use inspection, testing, and system history to determine if and when you need to tap into the refrigeration circuit
  • Address underlying issues that impact the system before adjusting the charge

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Who should attend?

Residential and Commercial Technicians, Installers & Installation Managers, Service Managers

Refrigeration-Side Performance Overview

  • Introduction to refrigeration testing principles
  • How refrigeration system components affect performance
  • How static pressure and airflow measurements reveal hidden effects on the refrigeration cycle
  • High- and low-side of the system and how they affect performance
  • Metering devices, evaporators, service valves, filter dryers, and line set sizing
  • Hands-on testing throughout
  • The benefits of purging with nitrogen while brazing
  • Superheat, subcooling, and other refrigeration metrics
  • Proper use of NCI’s Expanded Refrigerant Diagnostic Table
  • How to tell if non-condensables are in the system, and determine how they got there
  • Measure and interpret HVAC system static pressure to plot airflow
  • Hands-on testing throughout
The day concludes with NCI’s exclusive Refrigerant-Side Performance certification exam (optional)

Refrigerant-Side Performance

SCE Contractor Price: $850 $100*

*This special pricing is available exclusively to HVAC professionals who work in Southern California Edison's territory. Your final registration is subject to verification for discount eligibility

Upcoming Training Events:

Refrigerant-Side Performance Certification Program - SCE

Sep 24 thru Sep 25 Anaheim CA
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