Airflow Testing & Diagnostics Implementation Workshop

Airflow Testing & Diagnostics Implementation Workshop

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Learn to implement Airflow Testing & Diagnostics in your business & add more than $2,000 to each installation by selling Air Upgrades.

How would you like to increase your success rate with regard to performance testing and system improvement sales? You can by learning how to sell and deliver air upgrades. This is a service that will separate you from competitors and provide your customers significantly improved comfort, health, and energy efficiency while safeguarding their equipment – all with a minimal investment in new tools you already own.

This two-day workshop provides a roadmap to help you turn airflow testing and diagnostics into profitable air upgrade sales by focusing on three key areas:

Air Upgrade Product Delivery

Learn how to deliver a residential air upgrade:

  • Air system design
  • What materials and tools are needed
  • How to measure and track air system performance

The Sales Approach

Take you through how to help your customers buy an air upgrade. You'll learn how to:

  • Use NCI's flat rate Air Upgrade pricing calculator
  • Prescribe your scope of work for the repairs
  • Use NCI's proven step-by-step sales process
  • Measure and track sales performance

Lead Generation

Involve your entire team, including your service/maintenance crew, CSRs, dispatchers and salespeople. Here we will cover:

  • How to identify the "ideal" customer
  • Why lead generation strategies are so important
  • The secret to positive customer communications
  • How to get referrals and gather testimonials
  • Lead generation performance measurement and tracking

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Deliver high quality repair, maintenance and installation services, and produce professional reports and documentation using ComfortMaxx™ Air, to differentiate your company from your competition!

  • Design and build better installations that differentiate you from competitors by vastly improving customer comfort, IAQ, and energy efficiency
  • Solve customer pain spots: long-term hidden problems that no one else has found or corrected
  • Reduce customer complaints and callbacks and subsequently improve your customer retention
  • Create happier customers that leads to creating a great referral and review source
  • Provide your customers with measureable results that they can easily understand
  • Safeguard customer equipment from the ill-effects of low air flow
  • Weatherproof your business with year-round, profitable work
  • Earn higher margins per installation – 90% of renovation revenue stays with your company
  • Lower your labor rate. Air Upgrade renovations usually don't require your installers. Entry level renovators can keep your costs down.

Who should attend?

Contracting business owners, service managers, installation managers, sales managers


While there are no pre-requisites it's highly recommended that students attend NCI's Residential HVAC System Performance or NCI's one-day Airflow Testing & Diagnostics training beforehand.

Airflow Testing & Diagnostics Implementation Workshop Overview

Day 1: The Air Upgrade Implementation Process
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • The Air Upgrade Approach
  • Ensuring Implementation Success
  • Step 1: Product Delivery
  • Step 2: Sales Approach
  • Step 3: Lead Generation
Day 2: Creating the Implementation Plan
  • Product Delivery Implementation
  • Sales Implementation
  • Lead Generation Implementation
  • Get Full Team Engagement
  • Team Performance Metrics
  • Finalize Your Plan

Airflow Testing & Diagnostics Implementation Workshop

SCE Contractor Price: $685 $100*

*This special pricing is available exclusively to HVAC professionals who work in Southern California Edison's territory. Your final registration is subject to verification for discount eligibility

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Airflow Testing & Diagnostics Implementation Workshop - SCE

Oct 15 thru Oct 17 Anaheim CA
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